Capt. Lou Baggett

Back Country Fishing



 Snook inhabit the warm waters of Charlotte Harbor and adjacent waters year round.  They enjoy the diversity of available food including small crabs, pilchards, and threadfin herring.  Size for this silver bullet may push 40 lbs.  Short fast runs, sudden jumps, and the uncanny habit of running for cover to break off your line make this a struggle to remember.  This tough guy has the stamina to test your endurance. 

Red Fish


 Redfish inhabit Charlotte Harbor and the adjacent waters year round. They feed primarily on the small crabs and shrimp found in the mangrove islands and oyster bars common to the area.  Fish may range in size from juveniles to 35 lbs. "hogs".  They are spectacular fighters and a thrill on light tackle.  Capt. Lou's extensive local knowledge of the waterway will enable you to experience great catches such as these beauties 



 Sea Trout love to hide in the sea grass beds of Southwest Florida.  These plentiful predators provide excellent action on light tackle and "gators" may go to 20 lbs.  


For those of you that like to eat fresh fish, Capt. Lou will be happy to clean them for you!


I'm heading for a pot of sheephead stew, how about you?


Ready to clean!